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Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars

Series 3 Starts 1:30pm 9th of October on 7mate

Australian footballing legend Robert "The Big Dipper" DiPierdomenico hosts the best Australian BBQ show exclusive to 7mate. Featuring an all-new line up of the country’s hottest and exciting BBQers for series 3. Each episode Dipper and the BBQers will demonstrate the ease of cooking the perfect BBQ for family and friends "The Aussie way" Bring on the competition for 2021!!
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Dipper's BBQers For Series 3 2021

Everbody meet Matt, Matt is one of Australia's most renowned bush cooking experts and I wanted this series to be like no other, so I've tweeked the format and cooking to appeal to every BBQer Australia wide. Matt's campfire and BBQ cooking skills are unique and he has promised me that he will share his outback BBQing knowledge in series 3 to my audience. So Matt welcome to Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars.
Meet Ado, Ado tells me that around 7 years ago a mate of his introduced him to charcoal cooking and his life changed forever. He started entering competitions and became a true student of the genre. His passion for the "fusion" side of BBQing and pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking has landed him with me and 6 other competitors all vying to be crowned Australia's best BBQer 2021.

Graham comes to series 3 as the "quiet type". He began his love affair with all things Australian BBQ back in Adelaide when he worked alongside his father as a butcher. He learnt the subtleties of meat preparation which quickly led to the art of smoking meats and doing charcuterie. His BBQ journey took off after meeting Pete, Evan and Shaun and the trio formed the well respected BBQ team The Brisket Boys. You can find Graham and the guys most weekends competing regularly on the BBQ competition circuit with great success. The "quiet one" is my "smokey" for the competition and I believe he will be in the hunt when the dust clears. Welcome Graham and best of luck.

Desi & Irene
Joining me for series 3 are Melbourne sisters Desi (Healthy Cook 4 Champions) and Irene (Come Grill With Me) . They're both content creators on social media, inspiring foodies all around the world. These sisters are self taught and learnt how to cook from a very young age. Both girls will be teaming up in a first for the series and will turn the BBQ world upside down with some of the best dishes I've ever tasted from a BBQ. For this very reason I wanted them to share their skill and talent with Australia and join me with some of Australia's BBQers in series 3 and showcase their love for all things BBQing. It's a true pleasure to welcome them both to Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars.

Meet my newest competitor Adrian. Adrian's BBQ journey began when his amazing wife sent him to a BBQ Master Class with Bob Hart, from there his passion for all things BBQ became an obsession. From Melbourne to Texas, Adrian has travelled far and wide to master his craft and to scratch his BBQ itch of wanting to taste and learn from the world's best BBQers. He is now a regular on the ABA and SCA competition circuits competing at every opportunity possible. He recently won first place with a pork rib dish second to none and with so gave him the much sought after "golden ticket" to compete in the world championships in Texas next year. I personally can't wait to try these world famous ribs, it's a pleasure to welcome Adrian to series 3.
It's with great happiness that one of Australia's best BBQERS Dan Verbi will be joining us again for Series 3. I know I can't have favourites however last year's competitors were brilliant with Dan and his food being outstanding to say the least. It's with open arms we welcome him back and a warning to all other competitors DAN the MAN IS BACK.
Daniel Verbi is the creative force behind 'Danny Balboa's Sauce Co' a Melbourne based company that produces small batch hot sauces and spice rubs. After years working in the BBQ industry (both in restaurants and the competition circuit) he took the knowledge gained and combined with his natural wizardry in the kitchen, he set out to produce something with a real depth of flavour, not just heat. Food is the central focus of Dan's life, it's all about family and bringing people together, it's about lighting a fire and smashing beers with mates. His belief is that you should start with the best quality ingredients you can and don't mess with them too much. You don't need to complicate things to make great food.

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  • MISS UNIVERSE AUSTRALIA ON SET!! I was lucky enough to have former Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin join me on the final table as part of her ambassadorial role with Legend Caravans. The teams cooked up a storm for the blonde bombshell and I must say she knows her BBQ. To find out which dish she loved the most, tune into Australia's number one BBQ show, Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars Series 3 commencing 9 October at 1.30pm only on 7mate....cheers Dipper.

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  • GET READY! Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars Series 3 is only 4 weeks away! The competition is heating up as Dipper has found the best Australian BBQ's with new teams, returning favourites, and some of the best BBQ on T.V. Lock in the date as this series is a must-watch! SHARE this post and spread the word! we have some great prizes coming to our Facebook page, so don't miss out! 'LIKE' our page for all the latest! SERIES 3 kicks off on October the 9th, 1:30pm only on 7MATE!! Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars is brought to you by Legend Caravans Hot Shots Fuel Napoleon The Hidden Sea Ringers Western myCOOLMAN Victorinox Butchers Axe BBQ Marathon Foods Kellys Meats Everything Caravan & Camping

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  • THE BEST WINE FOR THE BEST BBQ!! To experience the true joy of food one must try the combination with wine. And it's with much joy that I announce that former Hawthorn football club captain Richie Van Den Burg has joined me once again with his Hidden Sea range of Australian wines to compliment the food cooked by Australia's best BBQERS. To discover which The Hidden Sea wines matched perfectly with BBQ cuisine, tune into Australia most watched BBQ show Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars commencing 9 October at 1.30pm only on 7mate.....cheers Dipper.

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  • RINGERS WESTERN THANK YOU!! A massive shout out goes to the team at Ringers Western for decking out myself and the entire crew for series 3 with some great Australian clothing including, shirts, jumpers, vests and jackets. To watch Australia's best BBQERS on Australia's best BBQ show, wearing Australia's best clobber, tune in 9 October at 1.30pm only on 7mate. THANK YOU RINGERS WESTERN.....cheers Dipper

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  • MY COOLMAN MY CHOICE!! Once again the team from MY COOLMAN have joined me and have supplied my teams as our official fridge/freezer partner. Filming days are long days and we know that all of our meats and vegetables stay fresh as the day they arrived thanks to MY COOLMAN. You can check out their entire range myCOOLMAN and also check out my new series of Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars 9 October 1.30pm only on 7mate....cheers Dipper.

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  • VICTORINOX KNIVES TRULY BRILLIANT I'm very proud to announce once again that the world's sharpest and most durable knife company has joined me again for Series 3. If you want to see exactly how good these knives are and see why Australia's best BBQERS use them, tune into Australia's most watched BBQ show starting 9 October at 1.30pm only on 7mate.....cheers Dipper.

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  • THE BEST OF THE BEST IS HERE!! Let me introduce you to Butcher's Axe rubs, one of the best BBQ rubs this country has to offer. Butcher's Axe rubs will not only enhance the flavour of your next cook, but it will leave your taste buds wanting more. I use Butcher's Axe rubs on everything from beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, vegetables and I recommend for you next BBQ this is a must.....cheers Dipper.

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  • NAPOLEON BBQS ONLY FOR DIPPER!! When people ask me what is Australia's best BBQ kettle or gasser, I tell them to cook great BBQ you need Australia's best BBQ and that is Napoleon. To have Australia's most watched BBQ show I know my contestants will only demand the best BBQs so I'm proud to announce that for the third straight year, Napoleon are my official BBQ supplier. To see why Australia's best BBQERS demand Australia's best BBQs to cook Australia's best BBQ, watch Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars Series 3, 9 October at 1.30pm only on 7mate..cheers Dipper. Napoleon

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