Series 3
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Apple Tarte Tartin

Remove apple cores and peel three pink lady apples. Cut into 8ths.
Place apple pieces into a small deep dish frying pan (no larger than a dinner plate size with
metal handle)
Add a large handful of brown sugar, cinnamon and approximately 80 grams of salted butter.
Stir as you heat the mixture and reduce until the sauce has thickened.
Use 1 sheet of puff pastry and cut into the size of the pan. Place the slice over the pan and
tuck down the sides. Then place pan into the BBQ at 350 degrees F and close lid. Allow to
cook until pastry is brown.
Remove pan from BBQ then place serving plate face down onto pastry. Carefully placing
hand onto the plate flip the pan and then remove pan from plate. Allow to rest for a short
time so that caramel is not scorching hot.

Place one piece of tarte on a serving plate next to the main tarte. Serve with a scoop of
vanilla ice cream on top and on top of the ice cream scoop carve a small hole and place a
small amount of balsamic vinegar in it.