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Bacon Wrapped And Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Wash and debone two good sized chicken thighs. Skin removed. Set aside.
Use approximately 1 kilo of long streaky bacon as a starting point. Using a sharp knife trim
the bacon strips into equally shaped strips of around 10 inches in length and 1 inch wide.
You will need about 10 strips. Weave the strips together so you end up with a grid weaved
section you can place the chicken thighs onto.

Place the chicken thighs smooth side down next to each other onto the bacon weave. Place
the following on the chicken thighs:
2 strips of camembert cheese (low melt cheese)
Small amount of spinach leaves
A few strips of marinated red capsicum

Roll up the chicken thighs in the bacon weave and trim off extra sections of bacon. If you
apply some heat to the bacon strips at the join you can actually create a seal. This can be
done with the underside of a frypan. You should finish up with an oval shape.

Cover the bacon weave with Butchers Axe Hunter Rub. Then cook in a smoker using cherry
wood smoke at 300 degrees F until the internal chicken thigh temperature reaches 140
degrees F. At that temp glaze and return to smoker until inner thigh temp is 150 degrees F
then glaze again. Finally return to oven for a final chicken temp of 175 degrees F.

For the glaze simply use SuckleBusters Finishing sauce and heat in a saucepan before

Cut half of the final cooked oval into ½ inch slices and keep the remainder of the oval whole
to accentuate the bacon weave appearance. Serve on a plate accompanied by some
sauteed spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes cut in half, season with salt and pepper.