Series 3
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Lamb Rack And Lamb Rack Fillet

It is important to prepare lamb rack well. Remove outer fat layer from rack. This will
include needing to remove some meat in that process. You should be left with a smaller
meat portion without fat surrounding it. This also means removing any silver skin/tendon.
Also remove meat and fat from the chop bones to leave you with clean bones (keep
removed meat and fat as it has many other uses such as Lamb Kofta burgers). Cover Lamb
Rack with Butcher’s Axe Hunter Rub.
Take a second lamb rack, then remove the ‘eye fillet’ meat section from the rack and trim
into a round cylindrical shape clean of any silver skin. Also cover this piece of lamb in
Butchers Axe Hunter Rub.
Place lamb in a smoker with cherry wood smoke at 250 degrees F until internal temperature
reached 230 degrees F.
Baste outside of rack with finishing sauce. Return to smoker. Baste again at 240 degrees F
and return rack to smoker until internal temperature reaches 250 degrees F. Note it is
important to get the final temperature as accurate possible to achieve the best doneness.
Remove the rack fillet from the smoker at 140 degrees F and sear quickly on a very hot oiled
pan. This is just to provide outer colour.

For the finishing sauce recommend using SuckleBusters Peach BBQ Sauce. Place sauce in a
small pot and bring to simmer. Apply to meat hot.

Serve with Radicchio and Blood Orange Salad.
Radicchio lettuce
One blood orange - segmented
Quality olive oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Kosher Salt
Ground black pepper

Wash and separate Radicchio lettuce leaves. Dry. Place on serving platter. Take segmented
orange and place on leaves. Drizzle generous amount of quality olive oil on top of oranges
and leaves. Repeat with vinegar being more reserved (we want less acid than oil). Add salt
and pepper to taste – but be generous with salt. Top with parsley leaves – if using
continental parsley, use large leaves uncut.